Kevin Ross


I’ve worked at several stations since the mid-80s starting with WIGO in Atlanta, then kiss 104 in Atlanta in the early 90s I worked at KDKO in Denver doing The Morning Show and as a Program Director. Then I went to KKBT in Los Angeles which was a legendary station at the time. After KKBT I went to KJLH and I also worked at V103.9. The final stop was KACE radio in Los Angeles or which point I retired in the early 2000s to focus on my industry trade Radio Facts.

Kevin RossKevin Ross


  1. Love it! I’m submitting my 70’s air check from WIGO (WE-GO) Atlanta, in the basement of the Georgia Terrace Hotel, PeachTree & Ponce de Leon across from the FOX! I was hired two weeks before my friend Scotty Andrews.


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